21 Point Safety Inspection

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The safety inspection includes the following:

  • Check attic for rusty nails for the roof
  • Checking that your home is breathing properly
  • That your home is properly ventilated
  • Any visible mold
  • Enough insulation
  • Any cracked rafters
  • That your home is structurally sound
  • A visual gutter inspection
  • Visual siding inspection
  • How to save you up to 20% on your utility bills
  • Check to condition of the roof and its type
  • Check Landscape general lot slop & drainage/fencing
  • Check your interior flooring
  • Check your interior walls and ceiling
  • Looking at your Interior doors and trim for damage
  • Check your Exterior walls and coverings (stucco/wood/vinyl siding etc.)
  • Look at your plumbing general condition. Visible supply and drain piping
  • Plumbing fixtures/toilets/sinks/hot water tanks
  • Examining your Electrical system general conditions
  • Examine your heating and cooling system
  • Check your Exterior driveways/walkways/patios/porches/Lanai’s